FAQs for Competitors

Do I have to perform in front of an audience? Yes, but the audiences we get are most sympathetic to the stresses of performing in front of an adjudicator and they will make you feel at ease. You will perform on a slightly raised platform – so that the adjudicator (and the audience) can see you.

Can I have a run through with the Festival accompanist? You need to contact one of the accompanists 2 or 3 weeks before the Festival and arrange to visit them for a rehearsal. There is no rehearsal time during Festival week.

What do I do when I arrive at the Festival? You should register with the “Music Table” handing them the copy of the music being performed. If you are being accompanied on the piano please ensure that you hand  TWO copies of the piece to the music secretaries (one for the adjudicator, one for the pianist)

Can I use photocopies of music?  Photocopies of music still in Copyright are not acceptable, and the adjudicator is within his/her rights to refuse to adjudicate any photocopied piece presented to them.

What happens if I arrive late for a class? If you are late, you may not be permitted to perform. Class timings are critical to the smooth running of the Festival. However, at the end of each class, we normally call any competitors who did not show for their allocated slot. Do remember, however, that you will give a better performance when you are relaxed – get there on time (15 minutes before the class starts)

When do I get up to perform? You will be called up from the pulpit when the adjudicator is ready.

What sort of remarks does the adjudicator make? These are not destructive – the aim is to suggest ways in which you can improve your performance. You will receive a written adjudication report which will help with future performances. Honours Certificates are awarded to competitors gaining 90 or more marks, Distinction 87 – 89%, Highly Commended 84 – 86%, Merit 81 – 84%, and Certificate of Attainment 75 – 80%. Trophies are awarded to the winners of each class provided that they have obtained a minimum mark of 84% (except for under 15s)

Do competitors wear costumes? No, normal smart dress is expected. Adult competitors usually wear suits/dresses for the evening session – gentlemen can wear DJs if they wish. Do remember that this is not an exam – it is a performance which starts when you leave your seat and ends when you sit down!

Can anyone attend the classes? Yes, audiences are encouraged to give support to the wealth of talent we have in Cornwall – there is a small admission charge to help with running costs.

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