Rules of the Festival


1) Entry to all classes of the Camborne Music Festival is restricted to amateur musicians, that is to say individuals who do not derive their main source of income from the discipline they are entering.

2) All enquiries, correspondence and entries (on official form or plain paper) should be sent to the Entries Secretary, enclosing a stamped, self addressed A5 or DL (8½” x 4½”) envelope.
Entry forms may be photocopied if more are needed.

3) The closing date for entries is 20th September 2016 and all entries must be accompanied by the correct entry fee. For Class 106 & 107 (Composition), entries should be accompanied by either a manuscript form or a good quality CD Recording of the composition.

4) In the Vocal Championship Class 30, the Adjudicator will name six competitors from Classes 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 34, 35, & 36 to participate in the Championship Class. They will be required to sing any OWN CHOICE piece. This can one that has already been sung at this year’s festival.

5) If the services of the Official accompanists are required, the MUSIC MUST BE SENT TO THEM AT LEAST 14 DAYS BEFORE THE ACTUAL COMPETITION.
Failure to do so could lead to cancellation of the entry. Competitors must bring a second copy of the music, to be handed to the “Own Choice” music secretaries 15 minutes before the commencement of the session in which the Class takes place.

6) Performances exceeding the time limit (where stipulated) will be adjudicated but not given a mark. Please comply with the timings stated for your class, otherwise you will be penalised.

7) The Official Accompanist will not be available for rehearsal during the week of the Festival.
Please note that the Official Accompanist, whilst willing to “run through” a test piece must not be regarded as the means of learning a piece. One run-through per competitor is the norm.

8) All test accompaniments will be from the piano, except for Choirs, when the organ may be used. School Choirs may be accompanied by the piano and up to two other instruments. Alternatively, they may be accompanied by a CD recording. Brass ensembles may include percussion. In keyboard classes the rhythm box can be used. In keyboard classes the rhythm box may be used.

9) When an age restriction applies, 8th November 2016 should be taken as the qualifying date.

10) All competitors will receive written notification of the day, start time for the Class, and the order in which they will perform in each Class.(The Committee reserve the right to amend this order if necessary).
Competitors should be present AT LEAST 15 minutes before the commencement of the Class, and hand their music, where appropriate, to the music secretaries. Please be aware that to facilitate the smooth running of the Festival, some Classes MAY START A FEW MINUTES EARLIER THAN PUBLISHED.

11) All mark sheets, certificates and own choice music will not be posted, and must be collected after each session.
The committee cannot be held responsible for loss of music or property.

12) Class winners 18 years and over must obtain an aggregate mark of 84% or over in the Class to be awarded a Challenge Trophy or Medal.

13) The decision of the Adjudicator is final.

14) If any communication to the Adjudicator is necessary, it must be made through the Secretary.

15) The number of entries will govern the arrangement of the programme. Every effort will be made to schedule Classes for under 12s BEFORE 7.00 pm, and Classes for Under 14s BEFORE 8.30 p.m., but note that juniors entering “Open” classes may have to compete late in the evening.

16) NO PHOTOCOPIES TO BE USED for music sheets, unless permission has been obtained from the Publishers.

17) Please give details – Titles, etc., of Own Choice music, on the Entry Form.

18) Where grades are set, competitors may not enter a class lower than the grade or standard they have achieved. The piece of music selected should be of an appropriate standard for the class.

19) No videos, tape recordings or photographs during Festival performances.

20) All performances using music from shows in current production are subject to Copyright law. Songs from shows in current production may be sung as a concert item (i.e. with no costume or movement) without need for copyright permission. Where movement or costumes are included in a performance, copyright permission is required and the festival committee accepts these entries on the basis that this permission has been sought. Clarification on obtaining copyright permission can be obtained from Festivals House on 01625 428297 or 01625 611578.

21) Data Protection – please be aware that the Camborne Music Festival holds information on competitors solely for the purpose of running the Festival. Also that photographs and names of winners may be published on the Camborne Music Festival website.

22) Current holders of Trophies MUST arrange for them to be delivered cleaned and in their original condition, before 10th October 2016 to the Trophy Secretary, Mrs Betty Johns, “Jostlynn”, Stray Park Road, Camborne. Tel. 01209-716525.

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